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At Bipolar Career Advisors we recognize the unique career needs of those diagnosed bipolar. We will help you identify and clarify your career goals both respective and irrespective of your depression and/or bipolar disorder diagnosis.


We work with you to develop your personalized career plan that takes into account your uniqueness, needs, wants, abilities, dreams, and your mood disorder limitations. We will explore your personality type, evaluate needs and wants, brainstorm ideas, understand networking, develop your personal brand, professional resume writing, LinkedIn profile design, interviewing and negotiating. 

We provide our services through on-going one-on-one telephone coaching, at home exercises and homework, resume development, interview coaching, and on-going long-term career support. We also offer DIY, self-paced programs.


We have a proven methodology which has been developed and utilized to help over 1,000 people navigate through their careers.  




Whether you are newly entering the workforce, re-entering the workforce, or are a seasoned veteran, our services were designed to help you.


Beginning a career is difficult enough, even for those not diagnosed bipolar. But it is even more imperative for people diagnosed bipolar that we examine our career choices very carefully, and in a way that will meet all of our needs - including our bipolar disorder. The earlier we perform this analysis in our career choices, the better our chances are for both long-term success and happiness.

For those already entrenched in a career or re-entering the workforce, perhaps you now realize your earlier career choices may not have been the best for you given your bipolar diagnosis. We will help you re-align your goals and needs, begin to understand your personality type, and together we will map out a plan to transition you to a more fulfilling and enjoyable career.

We help our clients navigate both the new career and career transition decisions that you are embarking upon. Our goal is to make sure you reach your career ambitions in such as way that is in harmony with who you are, and that includes your bipolar disorder.

But all the planning in the world will not help if it is not executed upon. Through our process, we guide our clients on how and when to take the necessary steps in each portion of your unique career plan.


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