BPCA was founded under the simple premise that all people - whether diagnosed with depression and/or bipolar disorder or not - deserve the chance to have a fulfilled, meaningful and successful career. Our careers take up so much energy, focus and time in our lives, that not being in harmony with our career can be devastating to anyone - let alone someone diagnosed with depression and/or bipolar disorder. BPCA was founded to help guide people diagnosed with depression or bipolar disorder through the career decision-making process, the career/personal life balance, as well as the on-going trials and tribulations of today’s workplace. We do this in a way that evaluates, encourages, enhances and suits each person’s independent wants and needs. BPCA works to unlock all of our client's potential and to harness their uniqueness towards fulfilling their career dreams.


Our team consists of talented career coaches, executive councilors, and business people all focused on assisting our clients in finding meaningful and lucrative careers that fit their unique, independent needs.  Our coaches work virtually and interact with our clients on a regular basis.


Steve Borg

Steve Borg

Founder, Head Coach


For 30+ years I was employed in a field that produced great stress in my life, but also provided financial rewards. I was considered to be on the top of my profession, and by any outsider's measure, I was successful. My career choice - while lucrative - did not fit my personal set of needs and wants. I was a fish who learned to successfully swim upstream - without any water.

So I've been where you might be right now - scared that you will never have a happy, fulfilling and long-term career that can support

you and/or your family. And you fear that you will be the cause of your career failure, once again. I felt I was wasting my life away.


Understanding oneself is the first step towards unlocking our happiness. Our goal at BPCA is to assist each of our clients in understanding themselves as employees, and understanding the work environments and careers that best suit their personal wants and needs. All with the goal of providing career longevity and satisfaction.


I am living proof that someone can have all they ever dreamed of in a career. I yearned for freedom, creativity, flexibility and a comfortable income to provide for my family's needs. I found what I needed to fulfill my dreams, and so can you!


Bachelor of Science, Siena College

Jill Huggett

Executive Coach


Jill Huggett is the founder of Bridgepath Career Advisors where she coaches mid-to-C Level executives to a successful career transition. She is also a coach for the Harvard Business School helping MBA students and alumni with career decisions. 


Prior to establishing a career coaching business, Jill spent over 20 years building a successful career in a corporate environment. The roles she held were in marketing, communication and trading on both the “sell-side” and “buy-side” of investment management. She managed, developed and mentored many individuals who then succeeded in their career path.


Jill received a Master of Business Administration degree from Boston College; a Bachelor of Science degree from East Carolina University.  Jill is a Certified Professional Coach and Certified Career Coach with The World Coach Institute and a Certified Professional Resume Writer.  She is also certified with Taylor Protocols to give the Core Values Index™ personality assessment.  



Master of Business Administration, Boston College
Bachelor of Science, East Carolina University



Certified Professional Career Coach, World Coach Institute
Certified Professional Resume Writer, Professional Associate of Resume Writers

Certified to administer the Core Values Index™ 

Jill Huggett

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Kate Utzschneider

Principal Consultant


Kate Utzschneider is a Principal Consultant at Bipolar Career Advisors, LLC where she leads individuals to discover their potential and true selves and apply this knowledge to get clarity on future endeavors. 


Kate has lived, worked, and traveled in 60 countries across the globe and has developed broad perspectives on out-of-the-box thinking, non-linear career paths and the ability for anyone to build and create their own ideal lives aligned with personal values and priorities. Kate's experience as a professional stage actress having performed in 100 shows in her youth, her pending book on self-discovery and finding one's true identity, and having lived in different cultural environments have given her versatile tools to explore and draw upon different sides of oneself to increase performance and well-being.


Kate has a Master’s of Science in Business from the University of Liverpool in the U.K., a Bachelor’s of Applied Science in International Management from the European Management School in Germany, and, as a life long learner, is completing her Master’s degree in Psychology from the Harvard Extension School. Kate’s combination of knowledge from her business and management roles, her knowledge in the field of psychology and her personal experience traveling the world, give her the ability to effectively mentor, coach, and inspire people of all backgrounds.

Kate Utzschneider

Kate Utzschneider.jpeg