The Value of Distractions

Baseball, Golfing, SCUBA diving, fishing, hiking, hunting, running, weight lifting, metal detecting. What do all of these have in common? Well, these are just a few of the hobbies I have been involved in for the past 20 years or so. Some of these hobbies are older than others, but nonetheless these represent my “hobby ADD” – as my children so affectionately refer to them. Give me two years in any one hobby and I can assure you that soon enough I will be off and onto something new.

Distractions – or lack of focus – can be a hugely rewarding characteristic of our personalities. A lack of focus allows us to rapidly see things from another perspective, as well as allows us to shift into other interests without reservations.

If we manage our distractions properly we can live full, adventurous and colorful lives. We will gather so much more information about so many more experiences. Distractions keep our lives colorful, and give us a wealth of knowledge that more focused people may never experience.

Change can be scary though, but it truly is the only constant in life. If we learn to embrace change, our ADD can be harnessed in such a way as to really be a beneficial part of our lives.

Distraction can help us alleviate worries, stresses and problems in our lives. Who hasn’t been distracted by a pleasant daydream when under stress? Distractions help to keep our lives balanced, and when properly harnessed can be a very healthy part of living.

So many article claim that distractions will derail your career. And sometimes that is true. But if you purposefully choose a career that allows for the flexibility to be distracted, it can be amazing the amount of progress you can make in both your career and personal life’s fulfillment. Many successful and famous people began their careers based on single ideas. These ideas often came from distractions in their work or life.

So I say, embraces distractions. Limit them to a healthy amount, and use them to expand your horizons. One day today’s distraction may become tomorrow's career. And tomorrow's career may be fulfilling, enjoyable and financially beneficial. And it can all stem from distraction.


Bipolar Career Advisors (BPCA) is a full-time telephone and/or virtual career coaching and counseling services firm. We focus solely on the career coaching needs of the bipolar community. We offer one-on-one career coaching programs, group programs, self-paced packages, resume and LinkedIn profile writing, and guidance. We help our clients define their own brand and guide them in networking and negotiating skills. We work with our clients in preparing a long-term career plan that takes into account their specific bipolar needs.

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