Your resume is the most critical document in your career.  It tells the story of your career and all your professional successes. Would you leave something so important to anything less than an expert? Invest in your career and have our certified resume writer prepare it for you.  


LinkedIn is becoming just as important as the resume.  Your profile needs to be robust, reflect your brand and be searchable.  Recruiters and hiring managers are switching to LinkedIn to find the talent they need.  Are you putting your best foot forward on LinkedIn?  


Bipolar Career Advisors is a highly personalized service.  You will work one-on-one with us and one of our Certified Professional Resume Writers.  Our resume writers bring years of experience reviewing resumes from a hiring manager's perspective from their years in the corporate world. They have written powerful resumes across industries and the globe.  We even have resume writers who perform work for Harvard Business School where they help ensure MBA graduates and current student's resumes reflect their story in a concise, cohesive and unique way.

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